Kimma Snacks and Beverage Vending Machine KVM-G654

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  • Robust machine body: Rigid steel body with overall foam
  • Telemetry System: Record status, sales and inventory, Analyze merchandise and potentials inventory
  • Showing Window: Antiriot Tempered double-pane glass; LED lighting system
  • Color: White and Black


  • Model No : KVM-G654C
  • WEIGHT : 245KG
  • Refrigerator : Compressor refrigeration
  • Internal temperature : Top 10°C~22°C,  Bottom 3°C~8°C
  • Product Capacity : Max.6 trays, 9 columns per tray, 240-480pcs
  • Dimension : 1040mm (W) x 750mm (D) x 1900mm (H)
  • Power : 350W, AC 110V-220V, 50/60HZ
  • Delivery Method : Stable spiral delivery
  • Selections : MAX 54 selections
  • LCD display size: 160mm × 90mm (L * w)
  • Payment System: Standard:  Bill, Coin and Coin changer,Credit and Debit Card


Excellent customer & consumer experience

  • Easy to be configured, convenient to use

– Prominent controller board and Keypad with LED light buttons, more smart & efficient

  • Bright showcase

– LED lighting system, arrestive, vivid and energy-saving

– Glass Heater embedded on glass to prevent condensing of Moisture

  • Vending with drop sensor

– Ensure vending success every time or refund the money

  •   Paying in cash & cashless

– Comply with MDB payment system protocol Bank note,  Coin, Debit and Credit card

– Guide rail for cans to facilitate cans delivery

Fresh, healthy & more selections

– Stratified temperature control

Top 3 trays range between 12°C~18°C

Bottom 3 trays range between 3°C~14°C

Flexible to vend more selections of merchandise, increase your consumers

Maintain with ease

– Self-Diagnostics to inform in time, keep worriless vending

– Modularized Refrigeration System,easy to maintain, repair and replace

– Optimized merchandise trays, be drawn out at 45/90 degrees for easy loading and maintenance of spiral and driver

Robust & Smart body

– Tempered double-pane glass full of argon gas for accident and thermal insulation

– Pickup box with separator to merchandise case

– Rigid steel body with overall foam, further efficient to keep temperature

– Customize painting or sticker of body, attractive looks that is loved by consumers

Environmentally friendly

– Refrigerator with R-134a instead of CFC

– Low air noise

– Computer-monitored temperature regulation system per surroundings temperature, energy-saving

Telemetry system

– 24/7 wireless monitoring vending machines at office or home with ease

– Record status, sales and inventory

– Analyze merchandise and potentials

– Keep never run out of stock and prevail!

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