Baixue Drinks & Snacks Combination Vending Machine 6/8/10 Cross

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  • Customisation:various helix configurations available for different sized products
  • Guaranteed delivery system:vend sensors
  • Dual temperature zones for drink and snack
    – Between 3°C and 8°C in the lower 3 trays
    – Between 14°C and 25°C in the upper 3 trays
  • Double glazing glass viewing window with aluminium alloy frame (heating glass is optional)
  • Energy-saving: compact design, LED light, fully insulated cabinet
  • Security: anti-vandal enclosures
  • Excellent refrigeration unit: German compressor (Danfoss)
  • Smart design: stainless steel water proof & vandal resistant coin insert slide


  • Product Model: VCM4-3000, VCM4-4000, VCM4-5000
  • Power consumption: 580W, 580W, 670W
  • Product Specification: up to 36,48, 60 selections
  • Product Category: bottled or canned drinks, boxed or bottled milk, snacks, up to 234/312/390 items (126/168/210 snacks or 108/144/180 drinks) – final quantity will be subject to the actual selling goods.
  • Payment methods: cash & coins, credit/debit cards, alipay/wechat pay.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 801x830x1830 (mm) / 926x830x1830 (mm) /1095 x 830 x 1830(mm)

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