Easy Touch Combined Vending Machine (Master + Slave)

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This combo machine is very versatile with one drink only master vending machine attached with a slave machine. Thus, this machine can accommodate a wide range of snacks and drinks.


  • Autonomous Temperature Control: intelligent temperature control for hot and cold drinks
  • Amazing Commodity Capacity: Max. 372 pcs, especially served for somewhere with large visitors flow and huge sales quantity
  • Remarkable Light Design:bright LED lighting system with energy conservation, selected button designed with striking marquee
  • Varied Selection Configuration:multi-match selection configuration including bottled+canned and spring+conveyor, to reach requirements of market operation
  • Android 7 /21.5 /32 Inch Screen: potential income from commercial ads with digital pictures/videos
  • Abundant Terminal Console Management Function
    • Monitor machine functioning condition at anytime
    • Synchronously obtain transaction information
    • Set product prices (digital price tag), and column code & settings
    • GPS, Capture machine location, any unwanted move by external force will be timely monitored
    • Continuous monitoring on machine faults
    • Analyse sales data real time


  • VOLTAGE: 220V-/50Hz
  • SELECTIONS: Max. 69 (21 for drink machine, 48 for slave machine)
  • CAPACITY: Max 372 pcs
  • Snacks: 288-624 pcs (final qty will be suject to the actual selling goods)
  • PAYMENT METHODS: notes/coins, Credit/Debit Card, Alipay/wechat pay
  • DIMENSION (H x W x D): drink only machine 1870 x 1093 x 820mm + slave machine 1870 x 862 x 820mm
  • REFRIGERATION MODE: left cabinet: heating&cooling, Right cabinet: cooling only, refrigerant:R134a
  • POWER: 30W for normal temperature, 278W for cooling only, 618W for cooling and heating

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