Easy Touch Drinks & Snacks Vending Machine with 23.6” Touch Screen

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This combination vending machine can be equipped with two types of trays – helix and snack. Thus, this machine can accommodate a wide range of snacks and drinks.

What is most exciting about this combo machine is that it has such a big screen which can play music, pictures, videos and even small games. You can put advertisements on it or just make it an interactive interface with your potential customers.


  • High capacity
  • Embraco compressor and R134 refrigerant, efficient and environmental friendly
  • Good insulation: integral foaming body, double-layered glass window, energy saving.
  • Customisation: can be equipped with spiral or conveyor belts trays, or with elevators
  • Backend online management system: easy to monitor machine location and sales data.
  • Good product display: glass front window, 7/21.5/23.6/32 inch touch screen to meet different demands.
  • Electronic price tag.


  • Product Model: CVM-FD48CC32SA
  • Voltage: 220V-/50Hz
  • Product Specification: up to 48 selections
  • Product Category: bottled or canned drinks, boxed or bottled milk, snacks, 288-624pcs (final quantity will be subject to the actual selling goods)
  • Payment methods: cash & coins, credit/debit cards, alipay/wechat pay
  • Dimensions: 1350(w) x 820(d) 1880(h)
  • Refrigeration mode: cooling only

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