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Aurora Vending Machine Services was established in a context of a retail revolution happened in China. The vending machines first entered Chinese market  20 years ago and then spread over places like airport, train station, schools, shopping malls in replace of small shops. As an innovative way of shopping, vending machines are quite popular among young people.

Our vending machine services was established based on the following concepts:

1. Minimum cost of labour
With the increasing cost of labour, the concept of unattended retail has begun to take shape and grow fast in China since 2016. As the most effective retail solution with minimum cost of labour, vending machines have now spread all over places like airports, train stations, universities and shopping malls just in 2 years. Thus, it is strongly believed that this new concept of retailing will also find its way in Australian market very fast.

2. “Made in China” means better quality
Chinese manufacturing has changed significantly over the past ten years. The word “made in China” does not really mean what it used to. Today, it means the fastest train in the world, the most intelligent industrial robots, the world’s no.1 new energy vehicles as well as the world-class vending machines.

3. The joint support from Asia-Pacific Vending Association and China Vending Association
As an active and trusted member of Asia-Pacific Vending Association and China Vending Association, Aurora vending machine services act as a bridge to enable all the operators in Australia to get easy access to Chinese vending machine with premium quality, good price and large variety.

Ranging from food machines to unattended coffee machines, we have all the varieties you can imagine. To best serve our customers, we also accept orders for customised machines tailored to meet special needs.

4. Exclusive agent in Australia
Aurora Vending Machines Services has been nominated by a number of Chinese manufacturers including FushiBingshan and Qingdao Easy-touch as the exclusive agent in Australia, both of which are the top vending machine manufacturers in China.

If premium quality, varieties, and good price is what you are after, contact us anytime for more information.